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A letter to a self-murderer.

The number of suicide cases is insanely increasing. Daily suicide cases shake up my nerve and make me feel numb. Leaving the well-known Blue Whale reason apart, students also end themselves up because they are in midst of stress and worries. Be the reason anything, there must be manifold solutions, suicide is never a 'should-opt'. You are… Continue reading A letter to a self-murderer.

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Hear Yourself!

  This world is way bigger than our society think it is. Becoming an Engineer, Doctor is not the only road to success but one of the road to success. Earning enough money to feed your family is not success, accomplishing the desired aim is. People love listening melodious voices of the greatest singers but… Continue reading Hear Yourself!

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India’s Education System

Sometimes I wish to throw this education system out of this world!  Maybe it's making our lives but it's wrecking our lives as well!! Sit in isolation, Take a deep breath and then ask yourself why are you studying or why did you study? To get good marks or to gain knowledge? Former will be… Continue reading India’s Education System