Hello, Everyone!

Have you ever wondered why don’t we all look same? Don’t bring in Science. Would there be beauty if all did look same? No. Diversity is beautiful, its unique, it’s amazing. Would not it be mundane to look same faces, sizes, colors around? Respect diversity. Different flaws are making us differently beautiful. Do not try to hide them or kill them, flaunt them. ♥

Have a great day, beautiful people! 🙂


An Older Childhood

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At an age of 80,
My boyhood is back,
Unleashed from duties,
Divorced with stress.

Heart craves for junk,
Playing with kids seems fun,
Mind innocently thinks,
And I often forget my things.

I weep a lot,
Sometimes without a rhyme, or on a random thought.
I laugh intensely,
Even try to interpret serious things humorously.

I love being surrounded,
Suddenly an extrovert I have become,
Loneliness scares me,
The more, the merri-er.

I want my mother every second,
Just I can’t have her,
But on every dear diary moment,
I wish I was with her.

I get sick easily,
I need utmost care,
I wish to rise up,
Even with a body in despair.

But instead of ground, Words leave me wounded.
Running is a tough job,
Relaxing is fun,
The end is near, a beginning isn’t.

Traits match,
The body doesn’t.
I guess I am too old
to be young.



From One Sibling To Another

You made me believe I was an adoptee,
Who was found in between the litter,
Scavenging food with unknown three,
But you loved me like a real brother.

I loathed you for being annoying,
You hated me for the same,
I could never found a reason to love
But you taught me there is love in hate.

You never moved when I needed a favour,
You never promised me the sky,
But you were there when I was about to die.

I never heard a praise from you,
I am ugly, lazy, crazy according to you.
But proudly, bragging about me I have seen you.

Yes, you annoy.
Yes, my things you destroy.
At times, I don’t even want to be with you.
But you are my dear sibling and I love you.

Share with your sibling if you can relate! 🙂

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The Undelivered Letter

This is a fictional letter from an adult son who lives in a different city, to a mother.

Haan hai fikar mujhe,
Bohot kam nahi zyada hai,
Kaise batau khone ke khyaal se bhi,
Phoot-phoot ke rona aa jaata hai.

Mann karta hai ki har waqt saath rahoon,
Ek pal bhi zindagi kaa jaane naa doo, Rahoon saath, mehsoos karoon, isi waqt ka aanand loon.
Par jakad kar rakh rakhaa hai kuch zimmedariyon ne mujhe.

Yaad hai mujhe bachpan ka har ek kissa.
Dil me basa hai sab mere,
Haan Karta hai mann ki jee paau vaise hi.
Saath hou tumhare, mamta ki chaav mein,
Bina kisi chinta, kisi tanaav ke.

Har pal, har gadi
Saath naa ho kar bhi khone ka darr lagta hai,
Bina ek jhalak dekhe tumhari, bina gale se lagae.
Sone me aaj bhi darr lagta hai.

Lo phir se likh diya khat,
Dukh se bara hua, dard me dooba hua,
Aur phir se tumse isey padhne ka haq cheen raha hoon,
Agle khat me bhi mai bohot accha hoon likh ke tumhari ek muskan paa loonga,
Bas kaafi hai itna, apne dukh ko mai idhar hi daba doonga.

Share with your mother if you feel the same. 🙂




What is Success? It is a victory against challenges, a revenge with failures, a provocation to haters, a gift to loved ones, a fuel that will energize you for your future achievements, a triumph that will remind you of your potential. It is an absolute achievement. It is not easy to attain success but it is worth the hard work, the dedication, time you put. Everyone’s path to success have rocks but it is the one who climbs over them wins. The atmosphere around is 80% demotivation but it is one who concentrates on 20% who wins. Success is not easy, neither it was for the famous personalities who were a common man someday.

This is a war,

Between you and The World,

Between your potential and others’ belief,

Between your hopes and failure.

You are not alone,

Not alone on your side,

Look around, you will find me.

I was never gone, I’ll never be.

Endeavour for success,

Value the time,

Do not be dragged by foes,

Just some days, then you’ll be fine.

This is you,

In battlefield,

Against The World

And you must win.

Good luck! 🙂


Do You Know How Much I Miss You?



This poem is dedicated to my sister. 


In the chills of winter,

Prickling heat of Summer,

Joyous drops of Monsoon.

Do you know how much I miss you?


On the occasion of Rakhi,`

On the festival of lights,

On the day of colors,

Do you know how much I miss you?


When I cry out loud,

When I laugh with all my heart out.

When I smile from ear to ear,

Do you know how much I miss you?


With people so harsh,

With best of my pals,

With annoying accomplices,

Do you know how much I miss you?


When I buy a new dress,

When I look my best,

And when I look bad,

Do you know how much I miss you?


When I am falling and I need a hand,

When I am sleepy and I need coffee.

When I am happy and I need to share,

Do you know how much I miss you?


Without good pictures to post,

Without warmth of likely soul,

Without a prankster to perform with,

Do you know how much I miss you?


Every day of my life,

Every hour, minute and second.

My heart cries for you,

You don’t know how much I miss you.


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Away From Home

Far from home,
Amidst dearest pals.
Food was missed,
Sweet memories were ringing bells.

Excelling in life,
Made him smile.
With whom to share?
He was alone on an isle.

Friends are the family you choose,
He propitiated himself.
Shared a piece of heart,
Faking the smiles is an art.

Day by day,
He grew bigger.
With jealousy taking birth,
He was under the trigger.

Craving for the feast,
Friends demanded.
Secured currency was
Again located.

“Return before the sun goes down”
Murmured the brain voice of the dear mother,
Could not listen in the noises of other.

In the dark jungle,
The packed car stopped.
Astounded by surrounding,
He demands to return home.

Beaten by jealousy, hatred and false friendship
He knocked off.
Opened his eyes next morning,
Just to find himself all alone.

Tears rushed over the wet scars,
He looked like he came from a war.
In the silence of nature,
Trembling voice arrived
“Mother, I want to come home,
Without you I can’t survive.”

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Why should everyone read Fiction?

Read Fiction.

It’s not what hands write;

It is written by hearts.

The reality is tough and sometimes unwanted. It’s not the world people choose to live in, it’s the world people are forced to live in. Your assignments are pending, Bills are unpaid and with your heart and pocket broken you want a pause in life. You just want a stress free break from the “Reality” and you want to live in the world you wish existed.

Fiction is a beautiful form of literature. The world you won’t wish to exit after entering. There is no restriction on imagination. Real life problems do not act as an obstacle here. It is a place where anything can happen! Animals can talk, Humans can bark, Sun can rise from West and set at East, People can have hair longer than they’re shown in Hair-Oil Ads. It is a home not only for humans but here also resides vampires, fairies, witches and infinite other characters you don’t know about yet. It gives you massages to relieve stress. It gives you a much-needed-break from tedious and monotonous life. It broadens your mind, entertains you, makes you smile or sometimes maybe cry, it gives you characters you will never forget. Fiction evinces the beauty of imagination. Often the fiction tales teaches you vital lessons of life.

Reading improves you. Be it fictional or non-fictional.

If you are not a reader, give it a try you won’t regret it. I don’t.

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Befriending the devil

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Alcoholism is a chronic disease characterized by uncontrolled drinking of alcohol. The person craves alcohol and is unable to stop drinking due to both a physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. A lot of people are suffering from this chronic disease. These people experience problems like sweating, blackout, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, loneliness, shakiness etc. Those with alcoholism may begin each day with a drink, feel guilty about their drinking and then end their day with a drink.


The drops of which you gulp thinking of heaven is actually making your lives hell. Your life, dreams, family get lost amidst the dark world you create for yourself. Life is the most beautiful gift you are given, do not wreck it. You have a lot to do, a lot to explore, a lot to give a try. Don’t murder your potential. Making it a habit gives you nothing but diseases. Alcohol is killing you and you are letting it commit the crime. You may get pleasure from drinking but your family is paying a high cost for your pleasures. I am a teenager, even people my age post daily updates of them drinking, smoking. There is nothing cool about poisoning your lungs. Don’t make it a habit. Excess of anything is bad. If you are already stuck in the trap of your beloved alcohol, dump it and move on if you still can or join rehabilitation center. If someone you know is struggling with alcoholism, help them rather than staying away from them, admit them to a rehabilitation center, speak to them, to their family.

Alcoholic Anonymous is an International Fellowship of more than 2 million recovering alcoholics throughout the world. In India, there are about 40,000 members. There are no fees for membership.It is an international fellowship of men and women who once had a drinking problem. It is nonprofessional, self-supporting, and available almost everywhere. It is available all over India. You can check availability on the site. There are no age or educational requirements. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about his or her drinking problem. Name of the patient is kept anonymous.

You can check their website- https://www.aa.org/

For India- http://www.aagsoindia.org

To send them a message,

SMS to 56363

Type AAAA <SPACE> followed by Name, Address, Contact Number or,

Call 09022771011

Get Well Soon.

Jee rahe hai hum toh yeh soch ke,

ki bas jee rahe hai.

Par dekho, muskuraenge ek din inn khushnaseeb dino ko yaad kar ke

kyunki hum jee rahe the.

Don’t take your life for granted, Quit drinking.

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Kickout the sadness!

When you have a thousand reasons to be glad why to shed tears for a minute thing? The reason of yours might not be petite but it sure is a granule in front of the reasons to smile! Expunge it from the awe-inspiring life of yours. Let not the gloomy reason steal your shiny life. Dump the darkness, Switch on the lights. Smile so brightly that blackness won’t get a place to reside in your well-lightened room of life. Merriment is beckoning you, get out of the firm grip of sadness.

Guldaste mein khushiyon ke,

Yeh kaisa murjaaya phool hai?

Naa deta khushboo, Naa ulhaas,

Iska toh vajood fizool hai.

Khushboo naa de joh gulab voh kaisa phool hai?

Nikal feko durgandh ko, dekhna kaisi mehak aaegi!

Rote hue chehre ko muskurane ki vajah mil jaegi.

गुलदस्ते में खुशियों के ,

यह कैसा मुरजया फूल है?

ना देता खुशबू, ना उलहास,

इसका वजूद फिजूल है।

खुशबू ना दे जो गुलाब, वो कैसा फूल है?

निकाल फेंको दुर्गन्ध को, देखना कैसी महक आएगी!

रोते हुए चेहरे को मुस्कुराने की वजह मिल जाएगी।